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Empowering teachers and Enriching students

Our company is dedicated to empowering communities of teachers in and out of the classroom; and enriching students with positive educational experiences that lead to academic success.

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Our story

  • Jackson Literacy Group LLC has serviced over 2000 students globally in regions located in the U.S., largely in Mississippi and Texas; and areas in Beijing, Shanghi, and Hong Kong, China. 

  • Each year our company hosts a wide-range of community events open to the public that are geared toward the advancement of literacy education.

  • We are the creators and sole distributors of the Red Rover Literacy Initiative resources that have been proven to enhance student achievement in all subjects by literacy integrations. 

  • Our company supports parents who want to offer their students a homeschool approach to learning an provide consultation and resources that will improve the quality of education student receive at home. 

  • Students all over the world have participated in virtual and in-person events hosted by our group members such as: private theater screenings, art classes, gardening projects, and creative art festivals.   

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Great Feedback

I've worked with consultants in the past but this was a different experience. For the first time I actually had someone to train me on how to properly deliver ELA instruction that matched my teaching styles and my students learning abilities.

Jessie Brown

My son truly enjoyed his tutoring sessions on Saturday mornings. It was exciting to see him interacting with the teacher and become more confident in his reading abilities. The lesson topics were interesting and the teacher's energy was amazing! Definitely worth it!

Avery Smith

Just being able to send a help request for lesson plan assistance saved my life! Sometimes it was hard to create effective lessons that would engage my students and match the standard objectives, but my consultant was always available to provide step-by-step assistance.

Skyler Adelson

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